PNR Enquiry

There are many people who keep searching for Indian Railway PNR Status of their tickets and also keep looking for toll free numbers where they can get passenger information, train information and other details related to their travel.

Indian Railways Enquiry FormNow the Indian Railways department has launched a new phone number for Enquiry, which is a completely free service and works all over india including small villages and towns. You just need to call ‘139′ from your BSNL landlines, MTNL landlines, Dolphin, Garuda, Idea, Spice Telecom and Vodaphone telecom operator enabled phones and get access to SMS, call back and fax facility.

For Delhi and Mumbai residents another advantage is that you can just dial 139xxxxxxxxxx [10 digit ticket PNR number] and 139xxxx[4 digit train number] and get the train ticket PNR and train status instantly.
  1. The Passenger Name Record (PNR) number on left side of your ticket is a unique 10 digit number. Quote this number to check the status of your ticket.
  2. Indicates the Train number, Date of journey, the distance for which the ticket is issued  and the number of adults and children on your ticket.
  3. Refer to the class of accommodation in which you intend to travel. Such class of accommodation  are abbreviated as below. 1A-First AC; 2A-II Tier AC Sleeper;3A - 3Tier AC; CC-AC Chair Car; FC First Class, SL-Sleeper Class, 2S,II-Second Class Seat.
  4. Indicates the originating and destination station of your journey as well as the station upto to which you have sought a reservation and intend to break journey. The name of such station are displayed in both English and Hindi. Boarding point of other than originating station is also indicated.
  5. Indicates the confirmed status of your ticket. viz. Coach number S/2, S/3 etc. Birth/Seat No 37, 38,Sex Male ,Female, Age 49,46. In case you have a AC First Class Or First Class Ticket, the Coach Number or Seat/ Birth Number is not displayed. The word confirm will be displayed instead. Such passengers may ascertain their actual accommodation status from the reservation chart displayed on the Platform.
  6. Indicates your wait listed Position. Two such wait list Numbers are indicated, the first, is the running waiting list Number and the second is the current wait list Number at the time of Booking Your Ticket. The former is unique for a given train, Date, Route and Class combination you are traveling on. Please look at the Reservation Chart for the final status of your ticket. Just below the pre printed ticket Number, 8 digit Number is printed by the system which should match with pre printed ticket Number.
  7. Indicates the amount paid for your ticket, both in words and figures . this include charges such as reservation fee (R Fee), Super fast charges (SFCH) and CONC indicates the Concession, code for eg. STDNT means Student Concession, SRCTZN means Senior Citizen, etc. Note:- Cancellation charges and amount due for refund is indicated if ticket is cancelled.
  8. Display the name of the train, our boarding station and the date and time of your travel.
  9. Display the date and time you bought your ticket.