PNR status

Train is the most preferred mode of travelling in India. The simple reason is the comfort factor along with affordability. For a country as huge as India with the population of over one billion, it is quite befitting that Indian railway is the largest railway in Asia and 2nd in the world. Millions of passengers travel by train on a daily basis and most of them prefer to reserve their seats in advance. Above information also suggests that there has been a tremendous increase in the railway booking over the years. Such rapid increase has led to several facilities as well like more numbers of ticket booking counters and introduction of online booking. But one thing remains certain and that is, not every passenger can have a confirmed reservation. Many of the passengers have to take RAC or waitlisted tickets. 

While booking the tickets, passenger is allotted a number that is printed on the ticket. This number is also known as “PNR” (Passenger Number Record) that comes to use while checking the status of the reservation. PNR acts as a database of the passenger which gets registered in the computerized reservation system of Indian railways. The PNR is more relevant for passengers who did not manage to get confirmed tickets and have RAC or waiting tickets. If there is a marked increase in the number of bookings, there is also a consequential escalation in the enquiry of the PNR status. Passengers can always check their current status of online booking and PNR status on Indian railway website. That’s not all. Indian railway has introduced facility of checking the PNR status through your mobile. So now, sitting anywhere, you can just send a SMS to a designated number enquiring about your seat status. 

One direct benefit of this facility is sight of fewer queues at railway ticket booking centres and less interference of ticket agents. 

In case one was unable to find a confirm seat, he should always keep a track of PNR status. Indian railway has initiated various ways through which passengers can know their current PNR status. The best way to get the latest status is from official site of Many passengers prefer to check official site of Indian Railways where they can fill in the 10 digit PNR number into the text area to get the PNR status or enquire through toll free numbers. But you have other alternatives as well to know your PNR status. 

Indian railways in association with IRCTC has introduced a toll free telephone number, ‘139’ using which passengers can know all the details including PNR status, train’s arrival and departure time, train running information etc. One can use landline as well as mobile numbers to get hold of this service. 

A very comfortable and easy way to find out your PNR status is through SMS. All you need to do is to send a SMS to 5888 or 5676747 by writing ‘PNR… followed by ten digits PNR number’. You will instantly get your information. A recently introduced service by Indian railways is the facility to obtain the PNR status on SMS. 

With so many options, passengers can obtain current PNR status from any of these sources easily and comfortably.