Reservation Check

  1. Reservations can be done through any Indian Railway Reservation counter.
  2. One can also opt for online booking from anywhere.
  3. In case, the ticket has the both coach and berth number, it is regarded as "confirmed".
  4. In case, AS RAC is written on the ticket, it shows that one can enter the coach, but will be granted only sitting.
  5. In case, the ticket is waitlisted, one cannot enter the reserved coaches.
  6. Reservations can be cancelled even after the departure of train. In case of confirmed reservation, one would receive a refund of 50% of what has been paid. Regarding a waitlisted ticket, one would receive the whole amount on cancellation in advance.
  7. Reservations made for sight-seeing trips or pilgrimages are permissible in all classes with a condition that the journey starts and ends at the same station