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Availing Prepaid Service to Buy Tickets Online

Author: Rimi Shukla

Want to go holidaying to the destination of your choice with a much healthier pocket than ever before? So, for an overseas destination you want return air tickets and many will prefer for IRCTC railway tickets for covering destinations within the country while a particular section will go for bus tickets. Booking of tickets is no longer a hassle-oriented or time-consuming affair. Instead of paying directly with your credit or debit card at the desired travel portal or at the related corporate sites or any reliable online platform, why not use prepaid service. It is clicking a few buttons online and using a prepaid service that you can buy air tickets, bus tickets, IRCTC railway tickets and anything that you wish to buy. Many a prepaid service provider also delivers such services through SMSs.

Wondering what a prepaid service is? The concept is not altogether new; it is already gaining momentum. For many online buyers, this is a more secured way of paying than using credit or debit card. A prepaid service is a ‘Prepaid Stored Value Virtual Wallet', a completely secured unified unique payment solution. Usage of such a card or e-wallet involves no deductions. So, if you are using this prepaid service to pay online for your IRCTC railway tickets or bus tickets or air tickets, it is only the amount meant for the tickets that get deducted – no processing fee! This service can be used on the web and on GPRS enabled handsets. It is compatible with any access technology such as dial-up connection, DSL connection, GSM, CDMA, and WiFi including all wireless data access technologies like Edge, 3G, GPRS, and Wimax. Yes, do remember if you are using such a card - it cannot be encashed.

Isn't traveling made easier for you with such travel solutions? You can also avail other travel related services such as booking of holiday packages and cabs with the prepaid service. If you happen to buy any of IRCTC railway tickets, bus tickets, and air tickets at the corporate site of the prepaid service provider, you can avail the best deals, meaning that you save a lot on your pocket!

IRCTC railway tickets can be bought round the clock except excluding the timing between 23:31 and 00:29 hrs. This does not apply to booking of air tickets or bus tickets.  Do carry a valid photo identity card proof of traveling on e-tickets.

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I am Rimi Shukla a professional editor from india, and my work is to promote a Unique payment solution which is completely secure. A great deal of information about Air Tickets, Bus tickets and IRCTC Railways Tickets at the oxicash website. Welcome to visit!