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Earning Railway Points and Getting PNR Status

Posted By: steily

Have you ever earned railway points subscribing to IRCTC’s Shubh Yatra? If you are a frequent traveler and if you have not yet subscribed to this reward scheme, you are only missing opportunities of getting free tickets. Yes, once a minimum of 500 points are accumulated, you can redeem them for free railway tickets from the IRCTC website. And yes, you can get back up to 10% of your AC ticket fare as railway points! One point to be remembered here is that railway points can only be earned on 1st Class AC, 2nd Class AC, Executive Chair Car and AC Chair Car travel only. Subscribe to Shubh Yatra and start earning points. And to earn points the railway tickets must be booked at the IRCTC website, i.e. To subscribe, you will have to pay a one year membership fee of Rs. 500 and annual renewal fee of Rs. 300, excluding taxes and other applicable charges.

As a subscriber to Shubh Yatra, once you book your tickets, points get accrued five days after the date of your journey provided the ticket is not cancelled. IRCTC has divided the rewards into two categories, viz. express rewards and super fast rewards. Under the express rewards scheme by IRCTC, you earn 4 railway points for every Rs. 100 spent and under the super fast rewards scheme you earn 10 railway points for every Rs. 100 spent. The type of rewards varies as per validity dates. While express is valid on tickets booked at IRCTC with date of travel between April 1 - July 14 and September 16 - January 14, super fast is valid on tickets with date of travel between January 15 - March 31 and July 15 - September 15.

Travel record of a single individual or group of individuals stored in railway computerized reservation system, or in short PNR (Passenger Name Record), is a ten digit number written on the top left corner of a rail ticket. The current PNR status can be found online using this ten digit number. If your ticket booking is not confirmed, you can log in anytime at the IRCTC website and using the PNR status tool, you can know whether the booking is confirmed, waiting or in RAC status. If you are not satisfied getting your PNR status at the IRCTC website or if you want to send any constructive feedback, you can mail at

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