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Eastern Railway sets Record

Eastern Railway has set a record by carrying 57.78 million tonnes of freight traffic in 2011-12. This was the highest ever loading since bifurcation of the Railways in 2002. 

The zone of the Indian Railways reported a 12.04% increasing its total earning to Rs 5574.17 crore in 2011-12 against Rs 4975.11 crore in 2010-11. 

On the freight front loading was sluggish loading since October 2011 but it picked up from November 2011. It ended the year with a 10.58% growth over the previous year. 

"All the stakeholders namely ECL, PANEM, Bengal EMTA and ICML have contributed in record loading performance helping this Railway even to surpass the Railway Board's target of 57.000 million tonnes," said a senior Eastern Railway official. 

During 2010-11 Eastern Railway carried 54.88 million tonnes. Thus there was in increase of 5.21% this year over 2010-11 which was 1.31% more than the target for 2011-12. 

During 2011-12, coal amounted for 38.25 million tonnes against the target of 36.650 million tonnes. Other goods were 19.489 million tonnes in 2011-12 as against 19.348 million tonnes in 2010-11. Total earning from freight traffic was Rs 3752.90 crore which was 13.4% higher compared to in 2010-11 

On the passenger traffic front, Eastern Railway carried 117.35 crore passengers during 2011-12 against 111.31 crore in 2010-11 - a 5.43% rise. It also surpassed the Railway Board's target of 115.23 crore of passengers in 2011-12 which was also 1.83% higher in 2011-12 than the target fixed up by Railway Board. 

From passenger traffic the zone earned Rs 1560.20 crore in 2011-12 against Rs 1425.52 crore in 2010-11 - a 9.45% growth.