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Efftronics-ensure mishap-free and safe passage of trains

A City-based private firm has developed and manufactured an instrument to ensure mishap-free and safe passage of trains
 between two railway stations. 

The microcomputer-based electronic solid state block instrument, 
developed by technology designer Efftronics, has been tested in Vijayawada rail division.

During a press conference , Efftronics general manager of G V Krishna Rao claimed that they have received
 an approval from Research Designs and Standards Organisation, Lucknow of the Indian Railways. 

He said that before the field trials, the instrument was assessed by expert independent agencies and also by the Centre 
for Knowledge-Based Systems (CKBS), Jadavpur University and the Electronics Regional Test Laboratory in Kolkata. 

Rao claimed that the system complies with the 'CENELEC' European rail safety standards. 

The instrument was tested by the Indian Railways between Vijayawada-Gunadala and Pulla-Bhimadole railway stations
 for about 90 days, he said. 

"An important feature of this device is reduction in the time of operation of the signalling system and it can be
 monitored remotely through network at a central place without the need to remain present at the station. It maintains the information to identify the cause of accident," Rao said. 

The device costs between Rs 6 lakh and Rs 7 lakh, Rao said.