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Gauges and The IRCTC Website

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Railway travelers in the different regions of India will certainly be aware of the types of gauges that are used for running the trains. Currently, four types of gauges are used by Indian Railways, viz. broad, standards, metre, and narrow. In total, about 111,600 km (69,300 mi) of distance is covered by a mix of all the four gauges. And the Indian Railways route is only expanding fast. Broad gauge measures 1,676mm, standard 1,435mm, metre 1,000 mm and narrow 762 mm (2 ft 6 in) and 610 mm (2 ft) respectively. Depending on the type of gauge, maximum speed is limited to 160km/h and minimum at 75 km/h. And electrification of constitutes about 46% of the total tracks. There are many facts about Indian Railways; the information can be accessed online. There are also printed materials available in the book market.

For railway booking online, visit the IRCTC official website. This wing of Indian Railways has changed the very facet of railway ticketing in India. Gone were the days when travelers needed to stand in queues in the ticket counters to get a railway booking done. Today, with a few clicks of the mouse, you can get tickets. Railway booking is also facilitated via mobile phones with GPRS. If there is a sudden change in your trip plan and you want to cancel your railway booking, you need not worry. Ticket cancellations or modifications can also be done online at the IRCTC website. It is not only e-tickets that you get at IRCTC site. You can also buy i-tickets. These are regular tickets the only difference being that these is delivered by post to the specified addresses.

If you are a frequent traveler by Indian Railways, you can avail the ‘Shubh Yatra' offer, a loyalty program by IRCTC designed specifically for frequent travelers. Under this program, discounts are offered on all tickets booked round the year. All you need to pay is an upfront annual fee. For more information related to this program, visit the IRCTC official website. Tourists have good news; IRCTC has already introduced several package tours to the advantage of the tourists. One package worth mentioning is the ‘Bharat Darshan', covering important tourist destinations across India. Those who love sophistication in rail travel may opt to get their railway booking done for luxury tourism packages. Luxury trains like Royal Orient Express, Palace on Wheels, and Deccan Odyssey run under such a package.

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