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How to Buy Cheap Air Tickets in India

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Air travel in India is now the most modern, quickest and second most preferred mode of transport after Indian Railways. There are many government and private airlines operating their flights in domestic market. The healthy competition among the private air lines has reduced the cost of flying but cheap flights booking is still a tricky thing in Indian market. Here are some important tips for a cheaper flight booking.

1. Always plan your trip well in advance as most of the airlines offers huge discount on tickets booked more than 30 days prior to take off date.

2. Keep your schedule flexible, generally on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday you will get the lowest air fare. Late night and early morning flights might also be cheaper as compared to others.

3. If you are booking your ticket through an agent always ask specifically for the lowest air fare as there are many discount offers running time to time.

4. If you are buying your tickets on internet, do not forget to compare the price from at least three leading online travel portals. Recently IRCTC has started to provide online flight booking facility and prices are really cheaper and attractive.

5. Always try to book best value and fully refundable fares at an early stage then look for something better to appear.

6. You might get the best deal on the air lines website itself as there are no mediator between buyer and seller. This might require you to first register with air line and will take some of your time. Registration might be beneficial for you in long term as generally air lines will send you special offer on your email.

7. Asking for a travel package from airline might also save you money in other areas as some airlines might offer you hotel booking or cab booking along with your air tickets at a cheaper price.

8. Staying with the same airline throughout your journey might get give you discount on round trip and connecting fares.

9. Sometimes buying tickets from consolidator might also offer you the best deal as they buy tickets in bulk. Consolidators might also offer you bundle packages like flight plus hotel or flight plus hotel plus car. These packages can be very cost effective solution to business travelers.

Some good web portals to buy air tickets in India

1. IRCTC – A wholly owned subsidiary of Indian Railways has recently started selling air tickets. Prices are lower as compared to other online travel agencies.

2. – A leader and most preferred online travel portal in Indian travel industry. This oldest company holds 50% of the market share in cheap flights booking.

3. – The fastest growing online flight booking portal, also deals in hotels, rails and cars.

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