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Importance of PNR Status

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Passenger Name Record or PNR is a word often heard and is considered a very important thing to take a note of. The PNR status gets you complete information about the passenger’s ticketing details. Have you ever wondered why this 10 digit number is so important? The PNR status is a 10 digit magic number, which once fed into the computer system can update us on the status of availability of seats. The PNR status is a number for pulling out and updating the information regarding seats.

There is more than one way to check your PNR Status. This will provide you with all the information that you seek. Based on the last minute cancellations or reservations, the status of the availability of seats keeps on changing. Before traveling, you can check your PNR Status either on the online railway website or by calling on the toll free number given via telephone. The toll free numbers provided work from all over India.

Now you can check your PNR status on your own mobile phones. This service is from the Indian Railways and is irrespective of the mobile operator you are using. This is a new and innovative feature and provides a huge relief for the people who neither have the facility of Internet nor hate to call up and wait in queue. To know your PNR status, all you have to do is to type your 10 digit number which is printed on the ticket and send it across to 9773300000 through SMS. Do not put the prefix of 0 or +91. Just dial in the number. This service of providing information is brought to you with the help of The best part of this unique service is that the rate applicable for availing this service is the same as a normal SMS.

Indian railways are the pride of the country. It is the fourth largest network of railways across the world. Majority of the Indian population feel that Indian railways provide an easy, cheap and safe mode of transportation. Numerous facilities are provided during the journey which makes the passengers feel extremely comfortable. The railway track is more than 64,000 kilometers. The process of booking a train ticket is not at all complicated. Nowadays, the necessary information can be accessed at the official website of the Indian Railways. Tickets can be easily booked online. Indian Railway time table is indeed, the perfect guide.

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