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India Tourist Guide, Indian Railways, and IRCTC

Author: steily

The second most populous country in the world, the world's largest democracy, a long coastline with mesmerizing beaches, bordering by the Himalayas in the north, north-east, and north-west exhibiting a mesmeric milieu – these statements aren't enough to describe what India is. If you are residing in one corner of the country or if you are a foreign tourist, you cannot take a glimpse of the natural bounties or culture or food habits, and related paraphernalia from a particular region because every region differs and has something new to offer. Visit an India tourist guide page online. Here you can get complete information about the country. There are also many a travel portal that serves as an India tourist guide. At such an India tourist guide platform, you not only have access to the sight seeing attractions of each region but also hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, nightlife, and more. It is no surprise if you can book your trip in your chosen destination here, availing the best deals. Yes, at this India tourist guide page, you can collect information about flights, airlines, trains, Indian Railways, IRCTC rail tourism, buses, car rentals, and more.

Want to know about Indian Railways and IRCTC, its tourism and catering wing? You will be surprised to know that Indian Railways covers the length and breadth of the country except one or two states. Though the number of trains (currently 60,000+ coaches) gets added to meet the increasing passenger count, yet there is no assurance that you easily get a reservation; such is the high occupancy rate! No wonder over 30 million passengers travel everyday by train! The 230,000+ (freight) wagons facilitate transportation of 2.8 million tons of freight daily. To add to the count are the 9,000 locomotives. What started on 16th April 1857 has over the years, expanded fast. Indian Railways is the pulse of Indian transportation!

When we speak about IRCTC, we actually mean online ticketing, food, luxury trains, and more. In fact, it pioneered the concept of online railways ticketing in India via its website. Well, IRCTC also facilitates people book their railway tickets from mobile phones via GPRS or SMS. Today, you can also book rail tickets online at the Indian Railways website and a number of travel portals. Ultimately, passengers only get benefited, having a wealth of booking platform options. Visit the IRCTC website to know about the luxury trains and rail tourism packages.

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