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India Travel Guide and Booking of I-Ticket

Author: steily

When overseas tourists come vacationing to India, they rely on the India travel guide. It can be a book in printed form or an online travel portal containing the A-Z of information about all cities in the country, places of interest, hotels, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and more. The online travel guide also contains reviews and comments posted by thousands of tourists; thus travelers read real experience from real tourists. It is quite natural that by word of mouth you cannot know in detail about a particular city no matter whether it is a business hub or a leisure spot or a combination of both. This is where the India travel guide comes into play. Before you set out for vacationing to any city across the country, go online, and read the India travel guide and read everything about the city you are geared up to visit. One advantage is that, here you can even get flights information including information on Indian Railways tickets and other modes of transportation.

Traveling by train to visit places is an altogether different experience. When we speak of railway booking related to India Railways, there are various modes; one is i-ticket that can be booked at the IRCTC website. You will have to find the train to get the booking done; so, to proceed, click on ‘Find Trains' option. You will be instantly transported to a list of trains available for the desired route. Click on the desired train name to know the routes covered as well as the departing and arrival timings. Indian Railways facilitates travelers to collect complete information before proceeding for the booking. To know about the fare, click on class available in the selected train; there are different classes available and the fare varies from class to class. The fare displayed for the desired class is for a single adult passenger and it excludes charges levied by IRCTC.

Now, to proceed for the Indian Railways railway booking, click on the type of class; with the click, you can know about the train details as well as availability of seats. Click on the ‘Book' button under availability option and get ready to enter payment details for the i-ticket. In case you suddenly change your mind and want to select some other train under Indian Railways, do not worry. Just click on the ‘reset' button and there you are with the railway booking process once again.

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