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Indian Railways and Indian Travel Guide

Author: steily

Indian Railways is the 3rd largest rail network in the world, precisely due to 40,000mi long ‘web' rail lines on the Indian Peninsula. Recently, Indian Railways managed to create news by receiving recognition from an international customer awareness body, for exhibiting excellence in customer service levels. And, currently with 1,700,000 employees working, it has become the largest public sector domain in the country. Browse through an Indian travel guide to know about the destinations that you may choose to visit. Many an Indian travel guide available in print and on web contains information about routes covered by Indian Railways including list of trains, and related paraphernalia. Railway booking is made easy at the IRCTC website, an offshoot of Indian Railways. The online railway booking section is much refined and booking is an easy 2-step process. In short, ‘no long queues' and ‘uninvited hassles'!

Indian Railways has included ‘Train Berth Availability', ‘Train codes' and ‘International Tourists' section on its homepage, which would help customers gain direct access to useful information for railway booking purposes. Also, the PNR status lookup, SMS service and the fare enquiry service makes Indian Railways website – a complete Indian travel guide by train.

Owned entirely by central government, Indian Railways operate in 18 rail zones with over 61000 coaches. Almost every train has AC coaches, which makes journey through Indian subcontinent a comfortable affair. Moreover, the add-on options like special privileges, disability concerns and emergencies, etc. makes railway booking easy anywhere anytime. The Indian Travel Guide will rightly serve your purpose of choosing the right leisure destination and accordingly you can get the bookings done. Railway booking is also facilitated at travel portals; besides, you can book your hotel accommodation at the same platform.

Generating revenue of 10 billion each year, Indian Railways certainly contributes immensely to the growth of the Indian economy. Being fairly old, it is often referred to as a symbol of trust and unity. Hardly anyone realizes that it is the rich history and the heritage of 19th century being carried, when they travel by Indian Railways.

Services rendered by IRCTC include online ticketing, PNR Status lookup, catering information, seasonal offers on railway tickets, tour packages and more. Interestingly, IRCTC has been recognized by people of India as the most prosperous e-commerce portal. In fact, for the fourth time since 2003, IRCTC website won award for excellence in innovation. Moreover, features like booking I-ticket, mobile zone and the PNR status search tab are the talk of the town at present.

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