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IRCTC and Indian Railways Websites

Posted By: steily

Are you aware about how many people visited the IRCTC website for online railway booking in the year 2011 itself till date? It is a whopping 8.4 million plus and the count is only increasing by the day; thanks to an extensive study by comScore, an Internet marketing research company. The study was done by tracking all internet data on its survey computers to study online behavior. This testifies an eight percent increase in the number of people visiting the IRCTC website compared to the year 2010. Amongst the travel websites operating in India, the figure puts IRCTC at the top! Of course a number of travel portals have tied up with Indian Railways to facilitate people get online railway booking done at their respective sites. IRCTC is only ruling the roost!

Indian Railways (IR) has done a great job in introducing the website for easy and convenient railway booking. Long queues at the ticket counter thus can be negated for many. Now railway booking is also available at the Indian railways official site. This is initiated to tap the full potential of online booking and to reduce the burden of booking at the IRCTC website. is the official website of Indian Railways. This new venture is already receiving an awe-inspiring response from people at large. Moreover, this venture was started due to non-availability of the IRCTC site during peak hours at times. It is the people who are benefited through such an initiative.

So, Indian Railways have reasons to rejoice with the implementation of the new venture. No wonder the largest rail network in Asia and the worlds second largest is all geared up to focus more on the convenience of railway booking to the advantage of the travelers. A record 20 million plus passengers travel by Indian Railways everyday not to mention the transportation of 2 million tonnes of freight daily.

The Indian Railways as well as the IRCTC website also facilitates SMS based enquiry so as to offload traffic online. There are dedicated customer care landline numbers dialing which you can get answers to your enquiries. Besides information on railway booking, you can also collect information about the various facilities, ebooks, rail travel tips, and more by dialing the numbers or visiting the websites. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can meet your train travel needs! Aren’t Indian Railways and IRCTC websites synonymous to convenience!

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