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IRCTC to improve Tatkal Bookings

In order to improve the delivery of tatkal tickets to passengers, the Ministry of Railways has changed the timings of tatkal bookings. Beginning July 10, 2012, tatkal booking, for all the trains, will open at 10 am, on the previous day of journey, at the train's originating station, instead of 8 am.

Besides, tatkal bookings will be closed for agents for initial two hours. No authorised agents, including agents of IRCTC and others, will be allowed to book tatkal tickets from 10 am to 12 pm.

The existing restriction of not allowing these agents, booking of general tickets, on the opening day, from 8 am to 10 am will also continue. The railway board, on Thursday, had held a high-level meeting to do away with the problems faced by passengers in tatkal bookings and to check the role of touts in tatkal bookings.

The meeting discussed several provisions like seeking identity of people booking tatkal tickets for someone else, scattering the demand by changing timings for tatkal bookings, creating dedicated counters for booking tatkal tickets and making e-ticketing mandatory for tatkal bookings.

The tatkal scheme has been misused by touts, and passengers are left in the lurch. Many a times, railways' own staff, in collusion with touts and agents, manipulates tatkal bookings to make money.