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Duplicate Ticket Cost

The Indian Railways gives different facilities to the passengers for their convenience. The facilities include like paying of compensation in case of injury or accident, paying of refund for cancellation of tickets or any problem faced by the passenger, paying of concession while booking the tickets under different categories, replacement of lost tickets etc.

Among these facilities another one made for the convenience of the passengers is the duplicate ticket. If any passenger looses the ticket then he or she can apply for a duplicate ticket. The passenger will have to inform the Reservation Office immediately after he or she finds that the ticket is lost. This will help the passenger and prevent from any type of fraudulent refund claims. The passenger will not get any refund in case of lost of the ticket but he or she will be allowed to travel in the compartment only after paying of the charges for the issue of duplicate ticket.

The passenger who has lost the ticket will have to pay different charges depending up on the status of the ticket. If the ticket is confirmed then a particular charge will be applicable and if the ticket is in RAC or waiting list then the charges will be different.

If the passenger has lost a confirmed ticket before the preparation of the Reservation Chart then he or she will be issued a duplicate ticket on the collection of the clerkage charge per passenger. This system is also applicable for the ticket with status of RAC.

If the passenger looses the ticket after the preparation of the chart then also he or she will be issued a duplicate ticket on the collection of 50% of the fare. In case of RAC tickets no duplicate ticket will be issued after the preparation of the charts.