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Indian Railway Vendors

Vendors are a common sight in the Indian Railways system be it at stations or on trains. From quiz books to banana’s to shoe polishing services, you would actually be able to get anything which is for sale inside an Indian train or at the railway station.

An Indian train is commonly referred to as a Big bazzar or big market on wheels, so don’t forget to carry your coins and change when you are traveling. The vendors are part and parcel of the Indian railways system although not all of them are approved vendors of the Indian Railways. While traveling on an Indian train, you would find the vendors swarm the windows trying to sell their items and announcing their rates. All the goods are thoughtfully packed so as to fit through the 4 inch gap between the window grilles.

Usually the stoppage time for a train at a station is for around two minutes. It is at this time when the vendors are in a rush to make their sales. If you are occupying a window seat then passengers traveling with you would like to purchase items using your window. When a train halts at a major junction, the stoppage time can go up to around 30 minutes. At this time passengers get off the train and buy the items they require from the vendors. There might not be that big a rush as the train has more stoppage time in these cases. Vendors can be see throughout the day on the Indian trains.