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Indian Railways Tourism

ndian Railways Tourism

Indian Railways Network is a government-owned organization, which operates train to by and large, every corner and nook of the nation. Indian railway is popular for its world-class railway travel services across the world. It is the biggest organization of India and is headed by Railway Ministry.

Indian Railways is the best means to travel all over India, since it offers tourists to enjoy India's diversified culture. In reality, a tour to India is incomplete, if a tourist has not experienced travel by train. Indian railways tourism offers cheap, comfortable and safe journey. Indian Railways has a vast network of long-distance rails operating night and day.

With Indian railways tourism, you can plan your trip to almost any region in India. Travel by train can be exciting and thrilling experience for the first-time visitors arriving India. One of the major attractions to travel via Indian Railways is the experience and feel of the lush green areas in villages, which is worth visiting to India.

Tourism Packages offered by Indian Railways

Indian Railways Tourism is the best option to travel in India. It provides several tour packages for the travelers living in and outside the country. To name a few packages offered to tourists include Sai Gowthami Deluxe Package, Eastern Himalaya Deluxe Package, Glory of Himalaya Package, Sai Darshan with IRCTC and many more.

The Indian Railways Tourism packages also offer its travelers with other facilities like confirmed railway journey, excursion, local sight-seeing, local transportation, meals and confirmed accommodation. In order to get access to the packages, you have to fill up certain fields in the form available on the Indian railway Tourism website. And just with a few clicks you can enjoy the benefits of Tourism in India with an ease.

Indian Railways Schedule

Timetable of Indian Railways Network is the best option to have a refine search related to the kind of rail goes to the destination you are looking forward your travel. This time-table of the Indian Railways comprises the schedule of the trains, which basically travel to various railway stations all over the country.

For example, if a passenger is looking for reservation of train from Howrah railway station of Kolkatta to New Delhi, then the schedule will unveil you the options available to you as well as will assist you deciding which rail one can board in according to his/her convenience.

Special services by Indian Railways Tourism

Indian railways comprise various special trains, known all over the world to enjoy India. These special trains are Himsagar Express, Fairy Queen, Lifeline Express, Samjhauta Express and many more.