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Air India Express

Air India Express is known to be the first low cost international carrier. It is a subsidiary of Air India and is presently operating on the low yielding international routes. This subsidiary has managed to replace Air India on some international routes. Presently, fifteen Boeing 737-800s are serving the fleet of Air India Express.


A unique feature that is seen on every planes of Air India Express is the beautiful liveries. The aircrafts are painted in such a way that it reflects the richness of the Indian culture. Recently, Air India got merged with Indian Airlines, which means that in the future Air India Express would also be merged with Alliance Air, the fully owned subsidiary of Indian Airlines. It is expected that the merger of Air India Express with Alliance Air would definitely increase its number of flights.


On April 29, 2005, Air India Express took its first flight from Trivandrum to Abu Dhabi. From that day onwards, Air India Express has been doing its duty extremely well. As per the information, Air India express is planning to commence flights to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, which is as per the liberalization pacts between Malaysia and India. Air India Express is expected to add many more destinations to its flight.

Air-India Express has been serving its customers with the best services. They got the latest as well as most sophisticated aircrafts that is well known for offering maximum safety to the passengers. The airlines also offer the essential on-board services to its passengers so as to ensure smooth and comfortable flights.