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Rupashi Bangla Express

Rupashi Bangla Express is a train that runs between Howrah station in Kolkata and Purulia.

Rupashi Bangla Express No. 2883 runs from Howrah to Purulia in West Bengal. This is a train that runs on all days of the week. This train leaves its source station at 6 AM and reaches its destination at 11.50 AM on the same day. This train takes 5 hours and 50 minutes to complete its journey. This train consists of AC Chair Car and 2nd Sitting seats.

This train travels 333 kms and stops at 11 stations during its journey. Some important stations that this train stops at include Kharagpur, Midnapore, Bishnupur and Adra. Kharagpur is famous for having the longest platform in the world. Further, it is also well known for IIT Kharagpur.

Rupashi Bangla Express No. 2884 runs from Purulia in West Bengal to Howrah station in Kolkata, which is the capital of West Bengal. This train is a daily train. This train leaves Purulia at 3.35 PM and reaches its final destination at 9.15 PM on the same day itself. This means that the passengers spend only 5 hours and 40 minutes to reach the final destination- Kolkata. The distance traveled by this train is the same. However, the train makes one additional stop as the total number of stops is 12.