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Taj Express

Taj Express connects Jhansi to New Delhi. This train is not the only train to do so. Almost all major trains running between New Delhi and Chennai like Tamil Nadu Express and Grand Trunk Express passes through Jhansi.

Train No. 2279 runs from Jhansi to Hazrat Nizamuddin station and Train No. 2280 runs from Hazrat Nizamuddin to Jhansi. Since the journey to Delhi is around 6 hours and 40 minutes and the journey from Delhi is around 6 hours and 25 minutes, there are no berths in this train. You can opt for the AC Chair car seating or 2nd Seating tickets. Taj Express from Jhansi to Delhi leaves at 3.20 PM and reaches at 10 PM. The same train when returning to Jhansi leaves at 7.10 AM and reaches at 1.35 PM.

Taj Express No. 2279 makes 9 stops while the train to Jhansi makes 10 stops. The train covers a distance of 403 kms and runs on daily basis. Tatkal facility is available for passengers of this train. The AC ticket will cost Rs. 413 and the 2nd Sitting ticket costs Rs. 117. This train is a super fast train and used to regularly attain speeds of 105 km/hr when hauled by a WP locomotive engine. This used to the fastest speed attained by any steam engine powered train in India. The Taj Express held that record for many years.