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Trains of Indian Railway

Indian Railways runs various kind of special trains to cater needs of all kind of people and type of journey.

Different types Trains Indian Railway

  • Luxury Trains
  • Rajdhani Trains
  • Shatabdi Trains
  • Garib rath Trains
  • Tourist Trains
  • Special Hill trains
  • Mail or Express Trains

Luxury Trains of Indian Railways

  • Trains which belong to luxury trains category offer an high level of service for its customers.
  • The ticket fare of these trains are generally higher than other trains.
  • Here you can enjoy the facilities like air conditioning, hygienic food service, standard comfortable seats with lots of cleanliness etc.
  • Some of the examples of luxurious trains are Fairy Queen, Deccan Odyssey, Heritage on Wheels, Palace on wheels , etc.
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Rajdhani Trains and Shatabdi Trains of Indian Railway

  • These trains of Indian Railways promise you the fastest and quickest journey with limited stops.
  • These are completely air conditioned trains with high ticket fare.
  • Here you can find the facilities like meals, snack, hygienic toilets, etc for free of cost.
  • Some of the examples of rajdhani trains are cal rajdhani, rjpb rajdhani, sealdah rjdhani etc.
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  • Some of the examples of Shatabdi Trains are kalka shtbdi, lko swran shtbd, amritsar shtbdi, kalka shtbdi etc.
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Garibrat Trains of Indian Railway

  • Garibrat train offers you journey in air conditioned train for reasonable price.
  • Indian government has launched train especially for people of upper middle class to make them travel in affordable price with standard classic treatment.
  • Some of the examples of Garibrat trains are pune garibrath, garib rath exp, kgm garib rath log on to to find out more information.

Tourist Trains of Indian Railway

  • Tourist trains are introduced exclusively for tourists to visit famous places like Darjeeling, Simla, Kurseong, Kalka etc.
  • You can find these trains functional only few days a week.
  • Some of the tourist trains are himalyan queen, dj kgn ng train, kgn dj ng train etc.
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Mail or Express Trains of Indian Railway

  • Mail or express trains are best economical trains for people of all category.
  • You can find train tickets for low price in these trains.
  • These trains have classes varying from sleerper, first AC, Second AC, Third AC etc.
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Summer Trains of Indian Railway

  • Summer trains are functional in summer season to the specified places.
  • These trains will not be functional other than summer season.
  • Some of the examples of summer trains are Satpura Express, Pune Ahmedabad special, mumbai lucknow special etc.
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How to book the entire Train of Indian Railway

  • If you are planning to travel in a huge group of people then Indian railways has introduced method of bulk booking.
  • You can go to the nearest train ticket booking center in the railways station.
  • You will find a separate section for bulk booking.
  • Fill the application form and book the entire train.