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Bangalore-Chennai Fare

Bangalore to Chennai by Air

Flights are available for Chennai from Bengaluru International Airport (BAIL), Devanahalli, which is at 40km from Banglore city .Chennai International Airport is located at Tirisulam, 7 km to the south of Chennai. This airport provides both International and domestic flight services. The airport is very well connected to the city with buses, Taxis and auto rickshaws. From Banglore it takes 1 Hr (nonstop flight) to fly to Chennai.

Airfare Bangalore to Chennai

Economy Class: Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 2,500
Business Class: Rs. 9,326 to Rs. 32,283

Bangalore to Chennai Flights

Dep. --- Airlines---------Frequency---Arrival---Flight No.

06:00---Kingfisher --- Daily--------- 07:00------IT2461
06:35---Jetair --------- Daily--------- 07:20------9W531
07:25---Kingfisher --- Daily--------- 08:20------IT2401
08:55---Kingfisher --- Daily--------- 10:10------IT2403
09:30---Indian -------- Daily--------- 10:20------IC542
09:50---Jetair --------- Daily--------- 10:35------9W803
10:30---Kingfisher--- Daily---------11:30------IT2405
12:40---Paramount--- Tue-----------13:40------I7466
15:35---Jetair--------- Daily---------16:20------9W446
17:30---Jetair--------- Daily---------18:30------9W2728
18:20---Indigo-------- Daily---------19:10------6E277
18:55---Kingfisher--- Daily---------20:00------IT2411
19:25---Jetair--------- Daily---------20:10------9W486
21:05---Indian-------- Daily---------21:50------IC544
22:25---Jetair--------- Daily---------23:10------9W466

Banglore to Chennai by Train

Chennai is connected to rail route by Southern Railways. The Chennai Central Railway Station is 4km away from the city. Chennai is 362 km from Banglore on rail route and takes about 5Hrs for traveling.

Railway fare:

Class1A: Rs.1, 105 // AC CC: Rs.580 // CC: Rs.386 // Class 2A: Rs. 651 // Class 3A: Rs.267 // SL: Rs.120

Train no. and Name-----------------------------Dep.from Banglore---Arrival at Chennai

2008 Shatabdi Exp (Daily except Tue) ---------Day 1, 16:25---------Day 1, 21:35
2028 Shatabdi Exp (Daily except Tue) ---------Day 1, 06:08---------Day 1, 11:00
2295 Sanghamitra Exp (Daily except Fri) ------Day 1, 09:00---------Day 1, 15:00
2509 Guwahati Exp(Wed,Thur,Fri) -------------Day 1, 23:30---------Day 2, 05:50
2608 Lalbagh Exp(Daily) ------------------------ Day 1, 06:30---------Day 1, 12:15
2610 Chennai Exp(Daily) ------------------------Day 1, 08:15--------- Day 1, 14:45
2640 Brindavan Exp(Daily) ----------------------Day 1, 14:30---------Day 1, 20:20
2658 Chennai Mail (Daily) -----------------------Day 1, 22:45---------Day 2, 04:40
5221 Chennai Exp(Daily) ) -----------------------Day 1, 23:45---------Day 2, 07:20

Banglore to Chennai by Road

Bus from Bangalore to Chennai will take you to Central Mofussil Bus Terminus at Koyambedu, 10 km to the west of Chennai. Traveling by bus will take 7 Hrs and it’s a drive of 334km. Banglore and Chennai are very well connected by bus service offered by KSTDC.

Public Buses (KSRTDC):

Bus Routes (Via) //Departure Time// Service Type // Bus Fare
Bangalore-Chittoor–Chennai // 11:15, 19:00, 22:00, 22:30, 23:00, 23:15//Airavath//449
Bangalore-Vellore-Chennai//10:31, 20:30//Semi Deluxe//130
Bangalore-Chittoor-Chennai//10:00, 19:30, 21:00, 22:45//Rajahamsa Executive//250
Bangalore-Chittoor-Chennai//21:50, 22:16//Mayura A/C//297
Bangalore-Krishnagiri- Chennai//14:00//Airavath//449
Bangalore-Vellore-Chennai//21:35//Mayura A/C//287
Bangalore-Hosur-Chennai//16:30, 22:20//Rajahamsa Executive//214
Bangalore-Hosur-Vellore - Chennai//23:41//Rajahamsa Executive//214
Bangalore-Vellore-Chennai//9:00, 22:55//Rajahamsa Executive//214

Private Buses from Bangalore to Chennai (Sleeper, Volvo A/C Deluxe, 2 X 2 Coaches, 
2 + 1 - Non-A/C) are available at rate ranging from Rs 450 to Rs. 650.