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Delhi-Chennai Fare

Delhi to Chennai by Air

Delhi to Chennai Flight journey takes 2 Hr 15 Min(nonstop Domestic Flight). Chennai International Airport(Tirisulam, 7 km to the south of Chennai)receives both International and domestic flights. The airport is very well connected with buses, Taxis and auto rickshaws to the main city.

Airfare Delhi to Chennai

Economy Class-Rs. 5,702 to Rs.12,884
Business Class-Rs.10,824 to Rs. 37,596

Delhi to Chennai Flights

Departure-----Airlines----------Days-----------Arrival-----------Flight Num

05:55---------Alliance Air----Daily Ex Sun----09:35-----------CD7601
06:25-----------Indian-----------Daily -----------08:55-----------IC439
06:45-----------Jetair------------Daily -----------09:20-----------9W821
07:15-----------Kingfisher------Daily -----------10:30-----------IT3802
07:45-----------Indigo-----------Daily -----------11:15-----------6E301
08:50-----------Kingfisher------Daily -----------11:20-----------IT232
10:10-----------Indian-----------Daily -----------12:30-----------IC429
10:25-----------Jetair------------Daily -----------13:00-----------9W829
15:15-----------Indigo-----------Daily -----------19:10-----------6E277
16:45-----------Indian-----------Daily -----------19:15-----------IC801
16:45-----------Indigo-----------Daily -----------19:20-----------6E283
16:55-----------Jetair------------Daily -----------19:35-----------9W832
19:00-----------Spicejet---------Daily -----------21:45-----------SG309
19:15-----------Air Sahara------Daily -----------21:55-----------S2251
20:00-----------Jetair-------------Daily ----------22:40-----------9W739
20:00-----------Indian------------Daily ----------22:35-----------IC540
20:10-----------Spicejet----------Daily ----------00:40-----------SG219
20:15-----------Kingfisher-------Daily ----------22:50-----------IT234

Delhi to Chennai by Train

Delhi to Chennai is a distance of 2184 km by a rail route. New Delhi Railway Station( 2kms from Connaught Place), Hazrat Nizzammudin Railway Station(South Delhi) and Old Delhi Railway Station(7 km from Cannaught place, near Chandni chowk) are all close to each other and connected to Northern Railways. Bus services by DTC are in the close vicinity of the railway stations, which makes traveling convenient to all remote parts of Delhi.

Railway Fare

2 Tier AC (2A) – Rs. 1,960
3 Tier AC (3A) – Rs. 1,429
3 Tier sleeper (SL)-Rs.528

Delhi to Chennai Trains

Train No &Train Name--------------------Dep.Time--- Arr.Time
2616 G T Express (Daily)---------------- 18:40—06:15
2622 Tamil Nadu Exp (Daily)------------22:30—07:10
6032 Andaman Exp (Wed, Sat,Sun)------14:15—10:15

Delhi to Chennai by Road (Car or Bus) Services

DTC offers bus services to most of the northern states but yet has no bus service available for the states in southern part of India. Approximately a distance of 2,182 km by road and might take 35 hours to travel from Delhi to Chennai by road. Starting with NH7 from New Delhi towards Aligarh is the commencement of the journey.

The route is New Delhi- Aligarh(UP)- Gwalior(MP)- Nagpur(MH)- Hyderabad(AP)- Chennai(Tamilnadu).