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Mumbai-Ahmedabad Fare

Mumbai to Ahmedabad by Air

Traveling Mumbai to Ahmedabad has been possible by flights due to availability of large number of domestic Flights between them. One can board a flight to Ahmedabad from CSI Airport - 1B terminal. This terminal is dedicated for arrival and departure of Domestic Flights from Mumbai. It is located at Santa Cruz in Mumbai. The Non stop Flight departing from Mumbai will take 1 Hr to arrive at SVP International Airport at Ahmedabad. The Ahmedabad Airport is situated outside the main city but connected with taxi services, which can be hired to reach Ahmedabad.

Airfare Mumbai to Ahmedabad

Economy Class- Rs 2,379 to Rs 11,070
Business Class- Rs 2,379 to Rs 11,070

Mumbai to Ahmedabad Flights

Departure-------Airlines----------Days------------------Arrival-----------Flight Num

05:30------------Indian------------Daily ------------------06:30------------IC686
05:40------------Jetair-------------Daily ------------------06:40------------9W2001
05:45------------Go Air-----------Daily ExTue/Sat------07:00------------G8109
06:45------------Kingfisher-------Daily Ex Sat/Sun-----07:45------------IT134
06:55------------Go Air-----------Tue/Sat-----------------07:55------------G8109
08:30------------Spicejet----------Daily -------------------09:35------------SG106
10:25------------Jetair-------------Daily Ex Sun----------11:25------------9W327
12:55------------Jetair-------------Daily -------------------14:20------------9W2505
16:40------------Indian------------Daily -------------------17:40------------IC603
16:45------------Spicejet----------Daily -------------------18:00------------SG108
16:50------------Jetair-------------Daily Ex Tue----------17:55------------9W2003
17:40------------Indigo------------Daily -------------------18:40------------6E211
18:30------------Kingfisher-------Daily Ex Sat/Sun-----19:30------------IT136
19:30------------Jetair-------------Daily -------------------20:30------------9W323
19:55------------Indian------------Daily -------------------20:55------------IC613

Mumbai to Ahmedabad by Train

The Mumbai to Ahmedabad train has to travel the railroad of 1307 km. After its departure from Mumbai CST Railway station the train arrives at Ahmedabad in about
8 hours and 25 minutes. Many trains connecting Ahmedabad to Mumbai run between these two stations.

Railway Fare

Second AC: Rs. 628
Third AC: Rs. 469
Sleeper Class: Rs. 187

Mumbai to Ahmedabad Trains

Train No/Train Name -----------Origin ----------------------Dep.Time -------Arr.Time

2480 SURYANAGARI EXP --BANDRA TERMINUS -13:30 -----------21:25 
2901 GUJARAT MAIL --------MUMBAI CST -----------21:50 -----------06:15 
2931 AHMEDABAD AC EX -MUMBAI CST -----------22:50 -----------06:00 
2933 KARNAVATI EXP ------MUMBAI CST -----------13:40 -----------21:20 
2971 BHAVNAGAR EXP -----BANDRA TERMINUS -21:25 -----------05:20 
2989 AJMER EXPRESS -------MUMBAI CST -----------14:20 -----------22:15 
9143 LOK SHAKTI EXP ------BANDRA TERMINUS -19:40 -----------04:50 
9215 SAURASHTRA EXP ----MUMBAI CST -----------08:20 -----------19:45 
9707 ARAVALI EXPRESS ---BANDRA TERMINUS --21:00 -----------05:10

Mumbai to Ahmedabad by Road (Bus or Car) Service

Mumbai is well connected to Ahmedabad by Bus Service. The private travel agencies also operate buses on Mumbai to Ahmedabad road. AC Sleeper/ Sleeper/ Volvo A/C Deluxe/ Volvo A/C Deluxe Sleeper/ buses are available from the private travel providers which costs you around Rs. 400 to Rs. 500.

Bus Routes //Departure Time//Bus Fare
Mumbai - Ahmedabad - Idar//19:00//217
Mumbai - Navsari - Ahmedabad - Palanpur//15:30//229