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Mumbai-Bangalore Fare

Mumbai to Bangalore by Air

One can board a flight to Bangalore from Mumbai at CSI Airport - 1B Terminal located at Santa Cruz, Mumbai. A Non-stop flight from Mumbai takes 1 Hr 30 Min to reach Bangalore. From Bengaluru International Airport you can hire a taxi service to reach main Bangalore city. There is a Daily departure of flights from Mumbai that makes air travel to Bangalore convenient and easy.

Airfare Mumbai to Bangalore

Economy Class- Rs 3,568 to Rs 13,261
Business Class- Rs 4,568 to Rs 21,400

Mumbai to Bangalore Flights

Departure-----Airlines-------Days-------------Arrival----------Flight Num

01:30----------Air India------Daily ------------03:00-----------AI620
03:15----------Jetair----------Daily -------------05:30----------9W2411
06:10----------Go Air--------Daily -------------07:40----------G8371
06:15----------Indian---------Daily -------------07:45----------IC105
06:15----------Indigo---------Daily -------------07:50----------6E411
06:40----------Jetair----------Daily -------------08:15----------9W411
06:50----------Kingfisher-----Daily Ex Sun-----08:20----------IT101
07:30----------Spicejet-------Daily -------------09:15----------SG528
08:05----------Kingfisher-----Daily ------------09:35----------IT3103
09:00----------Kingfisher-----Daily ------------10:30----------IT103
09:05----------Jetair----------Daily Ex Sun----10:35----------9W449
09:10----------Indian---------Daily ------------10:40----------IC109
10:30----------Jetair----------Daily Ex Sat------12:05----------9W443
13:45----------Indigo---------Daily ------------15:25----------6E481
14:00----------Jetair----------Daily ------------15:35----------9W417
15:50----------Jetair----------Daily ------------17:35----------9W447
16:15----------Kingfisher-----Daily ------------17:45----------IT107
16:30----------Spicejet-------Daily ------------18:20----------SG343
17:10----------Jetair----------Daily ------------18:45----------9W441
17:30----------Indian---------Daily ------------19:00----------IC107
18:10----------Jetair----------Daily ------------19:45----------9W483
18:20----------Kingfisher-----Daily ------------19:50----------IT109
19:45----------Go Air--------Daily ------------21:15----------G8193
20:10----------Jetair----------Daily Ex Sat-----21:45----------9W477
20:35----------Indian---------Daily ------------22:00----------IC609
20:40----------Kingfisher-----Daily -----------22:10----------IT111
21:05----------Indigo---------Daily -----------22:40----------6E415
21:05----------Kingfisher-----Daily -----------22:35----------IT3109

Mumbai to Bangalore by Train

Mumbai to Bangalore is a distance of 1205 km for a train to travel. There are daily trains that run from Mumbai to Bangalore for 32 hours to cover the distance. The Railways can be seen as the cheaper option available, as compared to taking a flight from Mumbai to Bangalore.

Railway fare

Second AC-Rs. 1,394
Third AC- Rs.1,013
Sleeper Class- Rs.352

Mumbai to Bangalore Trains

Train No/Train Name ---------------------------------------Dep.Time -------Arr.Time

1013 COIMBATORE EXP (DAILY)---------------------22:30-------------21:55
1017 CHALUKYA EXPRES (DAILY EXP TUE)------21:30------------20:45
6529 UDYAN EXPRESS (DAILY)----------------------- 08:05------------08:50

Mumbai to Bangalore by Road (Bus or Car) service

KSRTC has provided with bus service from Bangalore to Mumbai, the same Buses travel back from Mumbai to Bangalore. Private Travel Agencies operate Volvo A/C Deluxe bus service on this route. The Bus fare of a Volvo bus to Bangalore from Mumbai would be around Rs. 1350, which may differ slightly with different service providers. The journey by KSRTC buses would be cheaper as KSRTC charges only Rs 350 per person. The buses are in good condition but the journey would be tiresome. The road route to Bangalore from Mumbai is Mumbai - Pune - Hubli - Bangalore