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Mumbai-Chennai Fare

Mumbai to Chennai by Air

Mumbai to Chennai flight departs from CSI Airport, terminal - 1B, Santa Cruz. It is possible to reach this terminal from central part of Mumbai in 90 minutes. But one should not take the traffic on Mumbai roads lightly. The flight for Chennai is operated by many domestic airlines regularly and they arrive at Chennai International Airport at Chennai. A nonstop flight would take 2 Hr 05 Min to arrive at Chennai by air.

Airfare Mumbai to Chennai

Economy Class-Rs 4,179 to Rs 9,774
Business Class-Rs 10,724 to Rs 26,302

Mumbai to Chennai Flights

Departure----Airlines---------Days---------Arrival---------Flight Num

05:25---------Air Sahara------Daily ---------07:10---------S2621
06:10---------Spicejet---------Daily ---------08:15---------SG291
06:40---------Kingfisher------Daily ---------08:25---------IT181
06:45---------Jetair------------Daily ---------08:35---------9W463
07:05---------Indian-----------Daily ---------08:50---------IC972
09:00---------Jetair------------Daily ---------10:45---------9W2002
09:10---------Kingfisher------Daily ---------10:55---------IT3181
09:40---------Indian-----------Daily ---------11:25---------IC671
11:00---------Indigo-----------Daily ---------12:55---------6E212
11:05---------Jetair------------Daily ---------12:50---------9W481
15:25---------Jetair------------Daily ---------17:05---------9W467
17:30---------Jetair------------Daily ---------19:15---------9W461
17:50---------Indian-----------Daily ---------19:40---------IC572
18:05---------Kingfisher------Daily ---------19:50---------IT183
19:20---------Air Sahara------Daily ---------21:10---------S2623
20:20---------Jetair------------Daily ---------22:00---------9W487
20:30---------Indian-----------Daily ---------22:15---------IC173
20:45---------Kingfisher------Daily ---------22:30---------IT3183
21:45---------Jetair------------Daily ---------23:25---------9W469

Mumbai to Chennai by Train

The train between Mumbai to Chennai travels a distance of 1283 km and takes total time of 29 Hr 25 min to arrive at Chennai. The Chennai Central Railway Station is connected with Southern Railways and it is situated 4km away from the city. Chennai is connected to Mumbai through South Western Railway and the central Railways as well as Western Railways helps Mumbai to stay connected with all states and cities in the country. Mumbai has very good local transport system. It is not difficult for the person who has knowledge of English as well as Hindi and Marathi to travel on his own in this metro city

Railway Fare

Second AC: Rs 1,440
Third AC: Rs 1,046
Sleeper Class: Rs 383

Mumbai to Chennai Trains
Train No/Train Name -----------------------------Dep.Time -------Arr.Time

1027 CHENNAI MAIL (DAILY)------------------------ 23:35-------------05:00
1041 CSTM CHENNAI EX (DAILY)------------------- 14:00------------16:45
2163 CHENNAI EXPRESS (DAILY)-------------------- 20:30------------19:45

Mumbai to Chennai by Road (Bus or Car) Service

There are no buses to travel from Mumbai to Chennai. Both Maharashtra and Tamilnadu are not connected by any interstate as well as by buses operated by private travel service providers. The distance is more than 1200 km and needs 21 hours to travel by road.