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Pune-Mumbai Fare

Pune to Mumbai by Air

There are not many Flights from Pune to Mumbai. The Pune to Mumbai flights are those flights that take Pune as their intermediate stop while flying to Mumbai but you can board these flights from Pune International Airport. The Actual time to arrive at Mumbai by a flight from Pune is only 35 minutes. The flight takes off from Lohegaon A F Base, Pune and lands at CSI Airport terminal - 1B that manages the traffic of domestic flights at Mumbai International Airport. Taxi service is available at the airport to take you to your desired destination in Mumbai.

Airfare Pune to Mumbai

Economy Class- Rs 4,119 to Rs 13,739
Business Class- Rs 10,376 to Rs 31,606

Pune to Mumbai Flights

Departure------Airlines--------------------Days------------Arrival----------Flight Num

11:10------------Jetair----------------------Daily Ex Sat----11:45------------9W106
17:40------------Jetair----------------------Daily ------------18:15------------9W102
23:55------------Air India Express--------Wed/Fri/Sun----00:25------------IX212

Pune to Mumbai by Train

Pune to Mumbai train journey takes 4 hours and the train travels via Lonavala hill station. The region is hilly and there are many valleys on the way to Mumbai and the train has to take turns many times so it has to travel at a very slow speed. But it is very exciting journey from Pune to Mumbai and way back from Mumbai to Pune by train. The total distance to be traveled is 192 km.

Railway Fare

Second AC- Rs 407 
Third AC-Rs 301
Sleeper Class-Rs 120

Pune to Mumbai Trains

Train No./ Name--------------------------------------Dep--------Arr.

1006 LATUR CSTM EXP (DAILY)-----------04:00------07:55
1012 MAHALAXMI EXP (DAILY)-----------03:40------07:25
1024 SAHYADRI EXP (DAILY)---------------07:00-----11:55
1328 FAST PASSENGER (FRI/SAT/SUN)--23:05------04:25
1334 CSTM FAST PASS (DAILY)------------23:05------04:25
2116 SIDDHESWAR EXP (DAILY)----------03:20------07:00
1020 KONARK EXPRESS (DAILY)----------23:55------03:55
1014 LOKMANYA TT EXP (DAILY)--------10:45------14:30
2702 HUSSAINSAGAR EX (DAILY)--------01:15------05:05

Pune to Mumbai by Bus

Many people travel daily either to Pune from Mumbai or to Mumbai from Pune so there are number of buses traveling frequently between these two cities. The bus fare is in the range of Rs 230 to Rs 280. MSRTC alone has 77 buses running from Pune to different parts of Mumbai such as Bandra, CST, Dadar, Borivali, and Kurla etc. Private travel providers operate many Volvo buses. In addition to this there are metered as well as pre paid taxis and coaches from Pune to Mumbai which costs about Rs 1700 or more depending on the vehicle chosen for hire. It takes 4 hours by road to travel by Bus. But if you are traveling by a private vehicle you can travel through the Mumbai Pune Express highway, which has reduced the distance between two cities to just 93 km making it possible to complete the journey in less than 2 hours