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Booking your journey by train on the Indian Railway System can either be done at the reservation counter or through the internet. Passengers can book their railway tickets in person at any one of the hundred reservation counters across India.

Most of the cities have reservation counters spread across the city for the convenience of the passengers. The Indian Railway ticket reservation counters are open from 08:00AM to 08:00PM on weekdays and 08:00AM to 02:00PM on Sundays. The use of credit cards at the reservation counter is a facility that can be availed of.

You can book your ticket online by going to the Indian Railways website - . There are two types of tickets that can be booked over the net. They are I-Ticket and E-ticket. When you book an I-ticket, the booking and payment is done over the internet but you get your physical ticket delivered to your address in India. An E-ticket is also booked and paid over the net but your ticket is not couriered. Instead you can print out your ticket from your home or office printer. This is one of the most used services of booking tickets now because of the quickness in getting your booking done. The only step you got to do if you need an I-ticket or an E-ticket is to get yourself registered on the Indian Railways website. Once you have your Username and Password, you can login and book your tickets online without facing any problems. An extra cost of 1.8% is levied on the total of the internet tickets booked.