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Travel By Train

Lakhs of travelers in India travel by train everyday. Traveling by 1st and 2nd class AC in a train is almost equivalent to flying by air to any domestic destination. Though distance covered by an airline is considerably lesser than that of a train yet there are many who consider trains to be more comfortable and hassle-free modes of transport. Indian Railways reservation process is also easy; you can either visit its corporate site and get the reservations done or visit a travel portal for the same. Right from viewing of trains list to getting your PNR status, you have access to do the samein the Indian Railways corporate site.It was in the year 1853 that railways were first introduced in India by the British. The forty-two rail systems that existed by the time of Indias independence were nationalised as one unit in the year 1951.
Today Indian Railways happens to be the fourth largest railways networks in the world after the USA, Russia, and China. Compared to the other railways across the world, fares for Indian Railways reservation are among the cheapest. Even the great recession that affected the tourism and transportation sector (including other sectors) also raising the airline airfares did not affect the Indian Railways reservation fares. On the converse, fares were lowered in few categories.
If you have done your Indian Railways reservation but have not yet received a confirmation of the allotment of seat numbers, you need not visit the railway counter later to know whether seats are confirmed or not. Just log in to the Indian Railways site and enter the PNR status link. Once you enter the details, i.e. train number, etc. you will instantly get the PNR status.  
Generally, for unconfirmed seats, confirmation is displayed a few hours before the scheduled train departs.
To know which trains cover which destinations, just take a glimpse at the trains list. A chart of the trains list gets displayed at the Indian Railways corporate site to the browsers advantage. Getting an Indian Railways reservation done takes only a few minutes!