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PNR Status - On Android Phone

PNR Status - On & Offline Alerts is very useful application for Indian Railway passengers. It is a must have application on every Android device in India.

PNR number (Passenger Name Record) is a 10 digit number printed on upper right corner of your Indian Railway ticket.

Have you booked, waiting list train ticket and want to check on its status? Then, PNR Alert helps you to determine the status and gives you notification automatically, once you have registered with your PNR number.

PNR Status - On & Offline Alerts is an application which gives you the notification or text message automatically, if any seats changes happened that can save your time for checking the status repeatedly. 


PNR Status : Checks the PNR Status

SCAN: Scans the PNR Number of irctc message in your Inbox or even can able to enter manually.

SEND SMS: Can able to check the PNR status without Internet by sending messages. (Message Offer is applicable) with Send SMS Option

CALENDAR EVENT: Creates the calendar event on your smart phone (so that you can plan your activities accordingly)

GET DIRECTIONS: Shows the directions from your current location to your boarding point (Railway station)

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