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Premier Indian Railways and Technology

Author: steily

IRCTC is revered around the world, to be one of the largest online ‘railway booking' forum. When incorporated in 1853, the Indian Railways had a single railway line laid between two Indian cities. Since then, the rate of progress has been sluggish. The IRCTC is a significant change that the Indian Railways brought to the table. Being a premier railway, improvement in technology should have been their focus point, but, slow increase in the overall GDP didn't help the cause. But, the immaculate governance of the most complex rail network in the world is hard to believe.

Railway Booking had always been the main feature in the development of many rail networks around the world. While managing over 64,000 wide railway network and 6900 stations, Indian Railways found it difficult to move ahead without the intervention of a revolutionized technology. The rail technology in Europe and Asia are sophisticated but cater to half the number of customers, when compared to dealing with a billion on a daily basis by Indian Railways. The population of a geographical area tells us a lot about the rate at which any development could be made.

If compared to technology in the west, Indian Railways is still catching up, but, at an increased pace for sure. Railway booking with the advent of IRCTC in 2003 changed the way many perceived the Indian Railways to be. It is quite obvious that when things are introduced some hiccups and faults take place. Amazingly, IRCTC had managed to keep its technology based fuss to the minimal. And, certainly with appreciations by many world renowned corporates, it would mean that they would work harder to prove their critics wrong. Like many great businesses in the world, success didn't come overnight for the Indian Railways. Constant increase in population, geographical complexities, reach of network to rural India, contribution to GDP, and corruption have hampered the prosperity of Indian Railways to a considerable extent. Come what may, online railway booking introduced by Indian Railways stood the test of time and debates. And, for IRCTC, success did come eventually.

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