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Railway Tickets and PNR Status

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Many people all over the world make daily railway reservation and railways are one of the fastest growing industry. While getting a railway reservation done, each reservation is allotted with a unique railway PNR status. PNR stands for passenger name record and is a computerised record of passenger’s itinerary and the travel status. The PNR status as a concept which was first launched by the airlines to keep the computerised record, but was later on adopted by the railways as Railway PNR status. The Railway PNR status is the status of the railway booking the person has made and is a unique 10 digit number allotted by the railways to each railway booking made.

This Railway PNR status is available on the railway ticket. Railway PNR status denotes the date of booking, name of the passenger and the status of booking that is, is the seat reserved or not confirmed or in RAC (reservation against cancellation). Initially, in India, Railway PNR status was available only on the telephone but now with the widespread usage of internet all over the country, Railway RNR status has been made available more easily to the masses. They can just log on to the official site of the Indian railways and check their Railway PNR status. In this manner, they can not only check for the current status of their seat reservation but also makes the entire process easy and hassle-free as earlier the phone lines used to be busy or unavailable.

Railway tickets can be booked online. Passengers have to create an account and their profile on the IRCTC website. Various special and attractive discounts are offered by e-rail India to the passengers once they have created an account. Tickets can be booked online by simply logging into the accounts. Other relevant details are also filled during this process which includes journey date, source and destination place, class etc. e-rail India provides an option of making online payment be it debit.

I-Ticket is delivered at the passengers place before the journey date. Print out of the e-ticket is required during the journey. This has become possible only because of the advent of the Internet technology. Passengers are very happy and contended with the new computerized system of the Indianrailway. The detailed information about all the trains is mentioned over the internet along with their detailed schedules. Good facilities are provided which makes the train journey comfortable. People find the train journey affordable as well as safe.

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