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Railways Getting Personalized

Author: steily

Indian Railways and its online venture called IRCTC have given customers the opportunity to personalize the ‘ticket booking experience'. On the IRCTC website, one can create an account and access loads of features like smart rail packages, booking e-ticket, getting car rental information and SMS alerts. Earlier, accessing the PNR status used to be a tiring and time consuming job; today you can have access to the PNR status within seconds. Moreover, the website is well constructed and has different ‘tabs' and ‘links' for vivid purposes. Like for example, the ‘user guide' tab towards the middle of the IRCTC homepage has useful links such as guide for ‘cancelling I-Ticket', steps for ‘Booking season ticket', and a ‘soft user guide'.

You can come across travel package deals at the IRCTC website and collect information on the same with a few clicks of the mouse. For instance, ‘the Buddhist Circuit Special Train' offer has a lot to say about the transformation of IRCTC from a mere enterprise to the ‘next generation' buzz. The website can be accessed in Hindi as well as English, which makes it relevant for a large proportion of Indian and overseas population to access to their advantage. Not only are the railway schedule, PNR status, seat reservation, travel routes, alerts and updates but also general information such as ‘Women Sr. citizens concessions' and ‘rules & policies' are put up on the website.

Lastly, the ‘Mobile zone' and the ‘IRCTC zone' are tremendously engaging and helpful to customers. Mobile applications like ATOM and PAYMATE help customers pay for packages and get PNR status and many more stuffs. Well, it was very hard to imagine few years ago that IRCTC would make such a phenomenal progress, in terms of, using web technology to reach people and making booking easy for many. Another special impact could be seen in the number of increase in web bookings for railways. People are finding it easy to use this user friendly and informative website. It certainly has changed the way people use to perceive railways. Nowadays, it's a ‘class above the rest'.

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