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Special coach to Goa 'cold' & 'stale'

The much-publicized 'Special coach to Goa from Chandigarh' returned to city railway station on Monday with passengers complaining lack of hospitality by the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation's (IRCTC) aboard the special coach.

The coach was attached to the Kerala Sampark Kranti and left city on January 4. The 72-seat coach was booked to capacity and the train reached Madgaon on January 5. Passengers, who were taken on a Goa tour on January 6 and 7, complained that no food was being served to them on the train journey on both sides and the food they got by paying extra was sub-standard. Not only that, the boarding and lodging facilities were also equally uninspiring even though every passenger shelled out Rs 7,015 for a single train ticket.

IRCTC chief regional manager said, "All terms and conditions of the train journey were explained to the passengers and they were made aware that we would not be able to provide food for them on the train rides. However, they had the option of purchasing food trays from the pantry car in the train. If that was sub-standard, then they should have complained to pantry car manager on the train itself."

He added that the staying arrangements were satisfactory and passengers were free to upgrade their arrangements, if they felt the need.