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Zones of Indian Railways, IRCTC catering, and PNR status

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So, you are a regular traveler by Indian Railways. How much knowledge do you have about this government organization operating the world's fourth largest railway track and employing the highest number of utility staff in the world? There are many aspects about Indian Railways knowing about which you will only feel proud to travel by rail.

When it comes to zones, Indian Railways is divided into 17 zones as of 2010 statistics. Several divisions make up a single zone; as of now there are a total of sixty-seven divisions. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC), Kolkata Metro are all part of the zones being managed independently. The Indian Railways divisions are under the control of Divisional Railway Managers (DRM). Various departments ranging from electrical, signal and telecommunication, accounts to engineering, mechanical, personnel, operating, commercial and safety branches fall under the administration of the DRMs. Individual stations of Indian Railways are administered by Station Masters; train movement through the track territory under their stations' administration is what the station masters keep a check on round the clock.

IRCTC, the subsidiary of Indian Railways looks after the tourism and catering aspect besides ticketing. When it comes to catering, IRCTC controls the same on trains and railway stations across the country. It all depends on the passenger count as well as the distance covered whether pantry cars get added to the train or not. If the passenger load is low and not very long distances are covered, IRCTC facilitates passengers get meals at select stations en route. Online ticketing is facilitated at both the Indian Railways official site and the IRCTC website. PNR status can be checked at both the online platforms.

Early booking is recommended to get confirmed tickets. Though more and more trains are added to the list, passenger count is equally increasing by the day. Do not worry if you have booked tickets late and have not yet got a confirmation. Check your PNR status online either at the Indian Railways or IRCTC sites. There are alternate ways of checking your PNR status too. All you need to do is SMS the 10 digit ticket number to 139. You will instantly get the reply. To get your PNR status over the phone, just dial 139 from BSNL or MTNL phone. Then enter your ticket number; you will immediately get the PNR status.

Indian railways tickets can also be bought at travel portals.

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