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The North Central Railways exhibition being organised in and around Sangam area during Magh Mela has become the cynosure of all eyes. The exhibition which began with the Magh Mela showcases the illustrious history of the city and also the rich trajectory treaded by the Indian Railways for the past 150 years. 

The entrance of the exhibition has the look of the city side of Allahabad railway junction. The three semi-circular structures characteristic of Allahabad railway junction are prominently displayed in the exhibition. On the right side of the entrance, there is an elaborate board having Sanskriti Express. This train would chug into Allahabad during the month of April. 

The exhibition also depicts the rare photograph of the Town Survey conducted in the year 1922-23. During those days, Allahabad railway station had only three platforms. Further, platform number 1 was located on the Civil Lines side rather than the present time when it is located on the city side of the junction. The station was connected to Oudh & Rohilkhand Railway in the North and East Indian Railway. 

The town survey also has location of the District Superindent Office (now known as Divisional Railway Manager Office) located on South Road (presently known as Nawab Yusuf Road). It also has the Turn Table which was used to change the direction of steam engine and diesel engine. 

The exhibition also showcases the past history of the city through an array of various photographs. The bustling market of the Chowk area of the year 1906 with its wide and clean road is also depicted in the rare photograph. The important architectural marvels of the city including All Saints Cathedral Church, Victoria Memorial, Khusrau Bagh, St Andrews Church, Hindu Boarding House (now known as Hindu Hostel) and Anglo Bengali Inter College during the old period of the city is also depicted in the black and white photographs. 

The old photographs of Kumbh Mela of the year 1953 are also present when railway lines leading even up to the mela area is also depicted. 

The exhibition also showcases the achievements of the railways and the measures undertaken for the facility of the passengers through various models. Various types of coaches and wagons which are presently being used in North Central Railway are also being displayed there. Coaches that are used in Duranto Express is also being displayed here. 

It has the state of the art Fiat Bogie which is presently being used underneath the coaches of Kanpur-Delhi Shatabdi Express. It has disc brakes and ensures smooth movement on the railway tracks, informs Doodnath, technician in Carriage and wagon Department while satisfying the inquisitive queries of the people thronging the exhibition. 

There is also hand hooter (with a manual handle) which is being used by the head of gangmen. Whenever repairing work is being undertaken on the railway track and a train arrives, head alerts the gangmen by sounding the hand hooter. Various people thronging the exhibition have appreciated and even given suggestions for improvement. 

RP Singh from Dibrugarh of Assam says, "Models of engines should be kept.'' Two foreigners thronging Sangam area Robert Susir and Vladimir Voboroil from Czechoslovakia appreciated the exhibition. 

 Amit Malviya, public relations officer of NCR said that Magh Mela is an occasion when thousands of people from all over the country converge at Sangam and we have tried to showcase the history of the city and Indian railways in the exhibition.