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FKCCI New Proposal

The Federation Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI), in a letter to the Union Ministry of Railways, has put forth a number of proposals for the Railway Budget and also sought the early completion of projects that are underway for the economic development of the State.

The FKCCI has also proposed that Public and Private Participation should not be resorted to in major railway lines, its President N S Srinivasa Murthy, said in a press release.The following are the proposals put forth by the premier industrial body:* Electrification of Bangalore-Tumkur rail line to ease density of road traffic and faster movement of goods/passengers.* Doubling of track : Tumkur-Arsikere* ChamarajanagarMettupalya rail link to be approved which would herald much needed development of Chamarajnagar district.* Direct link between HubliBelgaumKarad because the existing route is a detour and this link would reduce travelling time by almost 4 hours.* To speed up the works of AlmattiKoppal, BagalkotKuduchi rail lines for balanced growth of northern Karnataka.* Early completion of BidarGulbarga line for development of Hyderabad-Karnataka region.* Early completion of BangaloreHassan line which would facilitate tourism and industrial development.* Doubling of tracks: Hospet-Hubli-Goa which has reached saturation point.* Point to point faster movement of goods between the following cities is essential to reduce the road traffic, safety of men and material plying on road and also cost effect transport system.The traditional goods train movement is found to be taking longer time to reach the destination and perishable commodities require faster transport system.The FKCCI said Karnataka is a major contributor as far as revenue to Railways is concerned and should be given due share. Citing examples, it said Andhra Pradesh scores over Karnataka in route length per 1,000 sq km (Andhra Pradesh 17.8 km whereas Karnataka has 16 kms per thousand km). However, the State government is highly responsive to contribute its share (between 30% to 50%) as per the demands of Indian Railways, the FKCCI noted.