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Shatabdi Express

Shatabdi Express is the distinctive train service provided by the Indian Railways. In India, Shatabdi Express is a superfast passenger train connecting the major cities, metro towns and business centers. Indian Railways run a series of superfast Shatabadi Express trains to facilitate people in commuting to different places.

Shatabdi Express is an intercity train that doesn't cover long distances. It is one of the two fastest trains in India, the other being Rajdhani Express. Esteemed service of the Indian Railways, Shatabdi Express Trains usually run over short distances. The regular speed of these trains is known to be 130 kilometers per hour. However, the fastest train amongst the series is New Delhi - Bhopal Shatabdi Express, which moves at a pace of 150 kilometers per hour.

The term "Shatabdi" means centenary in Hindi language. In 1988, the first Shatabdi Express was launched to observe the birth-anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru. Shatabadi Express was contrivance of Sri Madhav Rao Scindhia, who was the Indian Railway Minister at that juncture. Indian Railways has also started versions of Shatabdi in terms of Swarna Shatabadi Express and Jan-Shatabdi Express.

Swarna Shatabadi Express is regarded more luxurious, whereas Jan-Shatabdi Express is a lower- priced variant of Shatabdi. Shatabdi Express tenders swift connectivity by taking halt at few stations on the way. Fully air-conditioned, these trains maintain high standard as compared to the regular Indian trains. The passengers on Shatabdi are offered snacks, meals, coffee, tea, mineral water, juice, etc. on board.

Indian Railways runs 12 pairs of Shatabdi Express trains and 16 pairs of Jan-Shatabdi Express trains. The following list comprises information regarding stations of origin and destinations served by Shatabdi Express.