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Slashed Indian Railway Train Tickets Prices

Train tickets prices have certainly undergone a big change in the recent times. The Indian Railways have drastically cut down their ticket prices in the recent times. Earlier, the train journey was bad and still very expensive. However, in the recent times, the railways have made travelling more comfortable and slashed the train tickets prices.

The train tickets prices are very affordable these days especially for the popular trains and on the train routes that link one major city to another. These routes usually have the largest numbers of passengers travelling through the trains. This means that these people are the ones benefited the most by these slashed tickets prices.

The Indian Railways Tatkal service is one of the most popular services of the Indian Railways. In the Indian Railways Tatkal service, the train tickets prices are a little higher. Still, it is very beneficial for people who plan their travel at the last minutes. The Indian Railways Tatkal ticket prices are somewhat higher but they still are cheap considering they are booked at the last minute.

Apart from the slashed train tickets prices, Indian Railways also have some other new services like Indian Railways enquiry PNR. Like the new train tickets prices the Indian Railways enquiry PNR is a new facility. PNR is actually the short form of Passenger Name Records. It actually maintains a complete record of the individual in the Indian Railway database.

Like the slashed tickets prices, the Indian Railways PNR is a revolutionary thing. The Indian Railways enquiry PNR are actually generated by considering details for the accounts like the passengers name, details related to the ticket, the travel itinerary as well as the contact details of travel agent.

The Indian Railways enquiry PNR number is formed by taking into account the booking agents name as well. All of these things are helped to generate an alpha numeric 10 digit Indian Railways PNR number. This number is then used to make some enquiries about the Indian Railway train tickets, be it the Indian Railways Tatkal tickets or the regular ones.

The slashed train tickets prices, the Indian Railways Tatkal service as well as the Indian Railways enquiry PNR service has added a new edge to the Indian Railways.