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Features of revised Tatkal scheme

If any passenger could not plan a journey in advance or if any person is planning to travel suddenly, the Tatkal scheme of the Indian Railways is there to help the passenger. Through this scheme the passenger can book the ticket two days prior to the date of journey.

To book tickets under this scheme the passenger or the traveler can also opt for the online booking. No proof of identity is required to show under this scheme at the time of booking or at the time of journey. The Tatkal scheme facility is available for Sleeper Class, AC 3tire or 2tire sleeper class, AC Chair Car and second sitting for all the mail and express trains. But the Tatkal scheme is not available for any special train.

The minimum and the maximum charges for the tickets are fixed as a percentage of the fare at a rate of 10% and 30% of the basic fare. The charges are levied uniformly both in the peak and the non peak periods. If the tickets are cancelled under this scheme a flat refund of 25% of the total charge of the ticket is available.

The Tatkal scheme has been upgraded with some more features for the passengers.

If the train is delayed more than 3 hours at the originating station of the passenger and not the boarding point if the passengers’ journey originating point and boarding point are different. If the train is supposed to run in a diverted route and the passenger is not willing to travel he/she can opt for the cancellation of the ticket and will get back 25% of the total charge of the ticket. In case if there is any non attachment of the coach in which the Tatkal Accommodation has been marked and the passenger if not is provided accommodation in the same class the passenger will get back 25% of the total charge f the ticket.

The reservation under the Tatlkal scheme is available only up to the time of preparation of the charts.