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Rules for Tatkal Reservation

Indian railways have brought the new facility named tatkal quota for the convenience of its passengers. Tickets under tatkal quota are booked in the form of last minute reservation. Tatkal ticket booking has some set of advanced rules to be followed during the time of reservation.

Online Rule of Tatkal Reservation

  • You can make tatkal ticket booking via online by logging on to www.irctc.co.in . you need to follow some set of rules here if you are making a tatkal ticket booking.
  • A tatkal ticket booking can be done 2 days before the journey date. The timing of the booking starts from 8 A.M and can book the ticket up to 11 P.M.
  • For example, suppose you are travelling on 25th of October 2010 then tatkal booking for this day’s journey starts from 8A.M of 23rd of October 2010.
  • While booking the ticket online you must make the quota as the tatkal quota.
  • Note that generally by default the online booking quota is selected as e-ticket. Hence you must select the ticket quota as tatkal quota.
  • It is always advisable to start tatkal ticket booking right from morning 8 A.M. There are only limited seats available under tatkal quota.

Offline Rule of tatkal Reservation

  • You can book tickets under tatkal quota in person by visiting the nearest railway station.
  • The booking starts as mentioned above two days before the journey.
  • You have to fill the application form to book the ticket and make the quota of booking as tatkal quota.
  • You have to stay in a long queue to get your ticket booked. There are only few seats available under tatkal quota.

Rule of tatkal reservation refund procedure

  • Tatkal tickets can be only under some circumstances mentioned by Indian Railway Authority.
  • You can cancel your tatkal ticket only if your train is 3 hours late from the originating point but note that if the train is delayed from the boarding point.
  • Suppose train is about to take different route which would change the source and destination station and the passenger is not willing to travel then the tatkal ticket can be cancelled.
  • Note that the cancellation tatkal will bring you only the real cost of the ticket excluding tatkal charges.
  • Tatkal charges have been drastically reduced by Indian Railway authority in recent years. It charges 20 percent of the base fare for second class and 30 percent of the base fare for all other classes.