Tatkal Ticket Refund

Tatkal Ticket Refund

Tatkal quota helps that passenger who plans their journey at the last moment and cannot get secured seats. The facility of Tatkal is provided by railways on the payment of premium charge. The refund policies are also bit different than refund of normal ticket.

Railway gives flat refund of 25 percentage of the total fare charged on confirmed ticket, excluding Tatkal charges. No refund is made on Tatkal ticket which is cancelled with in 24 hrs of the scheduled departure of the train. For wait list Tatkal ticket cancellation and contingent cancellation charges will be deducted as per existing Railways rules.

There are some specific conditions under which full refund of Tatkal charges and fare will be granted. If train is delayed by more than 3 hours at the journey originating point of passenger than the passenger can get the full refund including Tatkal charges as well but no refund is made if train is late at the boarding point of the passenger( means boarding and originating points are different). If train is to run on some diverted route and passenger is not willing to travel: destination station or boarding station or both the stations are not on the diverted route.

Another rare situation where passenger can get refunds is if a person has been accommodated in lower class then party will get refund of the difference of fare and also party will get the difference of Tatkal charges if any.

Refund process under Tatkal is same like normal ticket refund process, the difference lies in the refunded amount under both the tickets. One should be extremely cautious about the difference of amount as sometimes people thinks that both tickets have same sort of refund policy. This ignorance sometimes cost them great deal of money and pain. For more details one can log into www.irctc.co.in