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Tatkal Timings

Tatkal ticket is a special ticket offer brought to you by Indian Railways for the convenience of railway passengers. The main intention of tatkal quota is to provide Indian passengers train ticket booking facility in the last minute of the journey.

Fundamental rules and regulations of tatkal tickets

  • Tatkal ticket fare is comparatively higher than the actual ticket fare irrespective of the class.
  • The fare is 20 percent more than the base ticket fare for second class where as for all other classes it is 30% more.
  • Tatkal ticket timings are different from ordinary ticket booking timing. Tatkal timing is explained in detail below.
  • Tatkal ticket booked can only be cancelled under some circumstances only. The circumstance should be acceptable by Indian railways authority. The circumstances are mentioned below.
  • Suppose the train in delayed for 3 hours from the originating point then the tatkal ticket can be cancelled. It is not applicable from the boarding point.
  • Suppose the train is about to move in the diverted route then if the passenger is not willing to travel in the different route then tatkal ticket can be cancelled.
  • Except above circumstances mentioned no other reasons will be accepted to cancel the tatkal ticket.

Tatkal timings in online booking

  • A tatkal ticket can be booked online only in specific timing. Tatkal booking starts from two days before the journey date. For instance if the travel date is 24th October then the booking starts from 22nd October,
  • Online tatkal timings starts from 8A.M and goes up to 11P.M.
  • You will not be allowed to book tatkal ticket even a second before 8A.M. Here you need to follow the website timing. The timing can be found on the top of the websitewww.irctc.co.in .
  • Make sure that you are ready with all the prior information about train before starting the booking as there are only limited seats available under tatkal quota.

Tatkal timing for booking in person

  • Tatkal ticket can be booked in the nearest railway station. The timing of tatkal booking is similar to normal ticket booking in the railway station.
  • The booking timing starts from 8.30 A.M and is functional up to 9P.M.
  • You need to enter word “Tatkal” on the train ticket application form and submit it to the booking counter.